Income Tax Exemption.

All donations paid to our Trust are qualified for deduction under Sec.80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961 by the Income Tax Department, Government of India. Necessary orders to this effect have been obtained from Income Tax Department as per order DIT(E) No 2(1235) 07-08 dated 21-Feb-2008.

How can You contribute for Selvi Charity?

Your monetary assistance will go a long way in extending educational assistance to needy and deserving students.

Your financial donations may kindly be sent either by way of a cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of Selvi Kandaraj Educational & Charitable Trust payable at Chennai, India or through account transfer. For more details please Click here

Please have happy and benevolent thoughts of having extended help to deserving under privileged children of our society for pursuing their education.


117 students in 2008-2009,
168 students in 2009-2010,
198 students in 2010-2011,
173 students in 2011-2012,
237 students in 2012-2013,
245 students in 2013-2014,
197 students in 2014-2015 and
207 students in 2015-2016,
175 students in 2016-2017
296 students in 2017-2018
372 students in 2018-2019
294 students in 2019-2020
228* students in 2020-2021
have been extended educational assistance for pursuing their studies by our Trust.